It's all in the "details"
The SoCal Moulding Catalog is all New for 2013


EL & EL Wood Products is pleased to announce our new moulding catalog "details". Featuring an entirely new look for all our MDF profiles, the new 2013 details catalog is definitely all about the details. Our online version now works on all devices featuring straight-up HTML5 compliant code. So view it on whatever you want, iPhones, Androids, iPads, and of course your laptop and desktops.

Click here to preview and let's us know what you think by posting a note on our Facebook Fan page.  

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The New 2013 SoCal & NorCal Little Black Book of Mouldings
black book-small










Check out our new 2013 SoCal & NorCal Little Black Book of Mouldings Pocket Guide. This little black book is special and unique. It's your own personal code book of mouldings-all the details you need in one place to ensure that every job you do is better than the last. Click here  to preview and download. 
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