Style Your Ship

Shiplap is a timeless addition to any home. Whether you cover your ceiling or create an accent wall, you will not be disappointed with the end result. Usually this element is used in coastal styles, however, recently it has become the highlight of many different designs. Even if you have a modern or contemporary style, shiplap can create those clean, white lines that a modernized home highlights. Do not forget you can paint shiplap, and in doing so you are opening up the treasure trove of design possibilities and allowing it to fit your space.

Accent Ceiling

If you want to open up your space, then a shiplap ceiling can be the trick. It creates a cohesive flow from wall to ceiling so it seemingly doesn't end. Shiplap on your ceiling can also allow for more detail where you didn't think to add it. As you can see in these homes, the Shiplap continues the color flow and makes it look larger.

Center Stage Surfaces

If you want to make a wall standout with a simple accent, Shiplap is the answer. It helps add to your room creating a clean design. If you place them vertically on the wall, it can also be a surprise the difference in how it looks compared to horizontal. Do not forget that you can also paint or stain the Shiplap to give it the added color pop that you desire, like how this one is painted white to counter balance the harsher tones of the furniture.

Also, if you are looking for a way to make your fireplace standout, then look no further. As you can see, the Shiplap allows for the fireplace to have even more prominence in the space, while keeping a consistent tone throughout the living room.

Why Pakari Shiplap?

Pakari Shiplap is a comparable alternative to the more traditional Shiplap. It highlights the dark wood color that adds a unique detail to your walls. The benefits of Pakari Wood Shiplap are that it has increased durability, stability, and a reduction in weight. As you can see with the half-wall and full-wall accents, it brings out the rustic vibe within whatever space that it is placed into.

Provocative Paneling

The best thing about Shiplap is that it creates a watertight surface due to the way the board overlaps. This detail helps to ensure that they fit together seamlessly and with ease. As you can see, it is perfect for a bathroom. However, it is also great for walls in family homes that will be lived in and need sturdier materials because it can make the space seem bigger and allows for an easy clean up.

Kitchen Enhancing

Looking to add a small yet powerful detail in your kitchen? Then, you are in the right place. Note that the Shiplap is placed only on top of the kitchen hood in one of these homes. The design is hiding the distracting color of the metal hood and allows for a cohesive fluidity between the room. Also, notice that Shiplap tends to be a great subtle design, and it can make your kitchen space flow with the cabinets and other pieces in your home.

Add Some Detail

Shiplap is great for adding detail to either a portion of your wall, like this inset wall, or to every surface. If you want to make the mudroom less plain, you can add Shiplap to a small section of the space to make it more of a fun design. If you like a white space but want a way to break up the monotony, then Shiplap is a terrific solution. The possibilities are endless because it is easily adaptable to any space.

The possibilities with Shiplap are endless. No matter your design, as you can see, Shiplap can really amp up your space. It is versatile, sturdy and allows for you to style it your way. Whether your ceiling, bathroom, or accent walls need some sprucing up, Shiplap is your right hand man.