About Us

EL & EL Wood Products is one of the largest distributors of mouldings and millwork products in California, Nevada and Arizona. Our corporate goal has always been to provide the largest and most complete selection of products available in the marketplace today.

All stock item orders will be delivered within one to two working days or by the next scheduled delivery day. We manufacture flexible mouldings on our premises that match our inventory, as well as any custom mouldings you may have. Our lead time on custom radius millwork is 2-5 days from date of order and stock base patterns and other miscellaneous profiles will be scheduled for your next delivery day.

We operate our own fleet of tractor trailers to guarantee all deliveries are timely. We carry a large inventory so that service is assured and our customers are able to support their customer's needs.

A Little Piece of History

Our company was founded in 1967 by Mr. Lindy and Mr. Lynch (hence the name L&L). Unfortunately, another company already had the L&L name, so over a few good laughs, Mr. Lindy and Mr. Lynch figured they could "beat the system" by adding an E in front of each L. The name EL & EL was born. Within a few months, Robert Ward joined EL & EL and eventually purchased the company from Mr. Lindy and Mr. Lynch. Today, Cathy Vidas is the President of El & EL Wood Products and has run the company since 1991.

For 45 years, EL & EL has maintained a family owned and operated company that is committed to providing superior customer service and product quality, unparalleled in the wood industry today. We are able to make and keep commitments to support our operating philosophies.