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METRIE + EL & EL = Better Together

In 2022, EL & EL Wood Products was acquired by Metrie in their largest-ever acquisition. Similar to EL & EL, Metrie is family-owned and a long-time market leader in the moulding, millwork, and the door business in Canada and across the US, with one notable exception — California. The region EL & EL Wood Products has served with distinction for 55 years was the missing piece of the customer service puzzle for Metrie. So, the fit was perfect!

Today, we are STILL the same people that care greatly for each and every customer, whom we consider our extended family. We have just adopted a new name, Metrie EL & EL. We say that “we are better, together,” and there is no doubt Metrie benefits from the skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and excellent customer service provided by the teams in California, Nevada, and Arizona. In turn, we get to work with North America’s largest manufacturer and distributor of moulding, and continue to build our customer solutions. Metrie is definitely the industry leader in all of North America now.

California, Nevada, and Arizona state outline map

Millwork That Creates Distinction

Over the course of 55 years, EL & EL Wood Products had grown to be one of the largest distributors of mouldings and millwork products in California, Nevada, Arizona, and parts of Utah. Today, we are still a family-owned company, now known as Metrie EL & EL, committed to providing superior customer service, product quality, and product selection, unparalleled in the wood industry today.

Humble Beginnings

Our company was founded in 1967 by Mr. Lindy and Mr. Lynch as "L & L." Unfortunately, another company had already laid claim to the "L & L" name. So, over a few good laughs, Mr. Lindy and Mr. Lynch figured they could “beat the system” by adding an 'E' in front of each 'L' and the name EL & EL was born. Within a few months, Robert Ward joined EL & EL and eventually purchased the company from Mr. Lindy and Mr. Lynch.

Following Robert's retirement in 1991, EL & EL Wood Products expanded their territory and product offerings both rapidly and dramatically under the guidance of his daughter, Cathy Vidas. It was her intuition and vision that led EL & EL to be one of the first in the nation to adopt and introduce Ultralight MDF mouldings. With honesty, hard work, perseverance, and a dedicated team, EL & EL grew to become the leader that they are in the millwork industry today.