Trimboard & Sidings

We offer a variety of Trimboard and Siding Sizes and profile options for consumers looking for protected or decorative siding, that not only beautify your home but offer decades of protection. Bodyguard Protected Siding and Rustic Barnwood from Pakari both refect this need for both beauty and longevity.

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Bodyguard Wood Products

Bodyguard is a natural wood product, manufactured from New Zealand radiata pine grown in well-managed tree-farm forests.
Once harvested and milled, it is then pressure treated with an organic carbon-based solution that penetrates deeply into the wood. This treatment process gives all Bodyguard products their 30-year limited warranty, and makes it environmentally safe and easy to use.

Pakari Rustic Barnwood

Pakari Rustic Barnwood & Lap-Joint Paneling has been treated with a Thermal Modification process that was developed in Finland, and successfully used commercially in Europe since the 1990’s. Thermal Modification is a chemical-free method of heat treating wood with nothing more than steam and high temperatures imbuing the wood with an abundance of new benefits; increased durability, stability, and even a reduction in the weight of the wood. Besides the physical improvements, the Thermal Modification process also reduces the woods ability to absorb water, resulting in a product that is less susceptible to shrinking and swelling and is less susceptible to rot.

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