Matching flexible moulding is available for arched and oval windows, as well as curved walls and ceilings. ValuFlex gives you all the advantages of radiused wood at a fraction of the cost!

How To Measure

Half Circle

Length = Radius + Width of Moulding × 3.145 ÷ 12 (For full-circle, Multiply half-circle footage by 2)

Half circle diagram with an arrow pointing up to the inside middle with the words 'inside radius' and a double ended arrow pointed to each end of the half circle with the words 'Width Inside Diameter'


(Eyebrow or Springline)

Casing: Length = Width + Height + 6" ÷ 12" Crown: Length = Width + Height + 12" ÷ 12"

Archtop diagram with the words 'Height


Paper or Cardboard Template (Always Required)

Oval outline with double lines and a bold line on each left and right side in the middle with the word 'Seam' on each side


Paper or Cardboard Template (Always Required)

Ellipse shape outline


 2 mirrored curved crown moulding outlines insides facing. An arrow is pointed up to the top crown piece with the words 'Inside or CONCAVE' and an arrow pointing down to the bottom crown piece with the words CONVEX or Outside'
  1. Does the wall curve inside (concave) or outside (convex)?

  2. Radius of wall - IR (inside radius), OR (outside radius)

  3. Length of moulding needed (add for waste) to cover entire area

  4. How many pieces?

Crown, Built Ups

Crown build up diagram using a 90 degree angle with the top having the word 'Ceiling' and the right side having the word 'wall' and 3 pieces of crown with one on the top flush with the ceiling, one diagonally in the middle, and one on the right flush with the wall and the words 'Crown Build Ups' under the moulding
  1. Order as IR (Inside Radius, aka: Concave) or (Outside Radius, aka: Convex) radius.

  2. Any moulding used on the wall: order as

  3. Any moulding used on the ceiling: order as a radius.

    1. OR (Outside Radius), you must add the projection of the crown to the ceiling moulding radius. Example: If using the 330MUL on a ceiling with the 410MUL crown which has a projection of 4½” and the wall is a 60” radius, 330MUL should be ordered as a 64½” radius.

    2. IR (Inside Radius), you must subtract the projection of the crown from the radius, therefore a wall with a 60” radius less the 4½” projection = 55½” ISR for the 330MUL.


ValuFlex baseboard moulding diagram
  1. If Base is being used as Baseboard or as part of a Crown detail on a wall, the Flex Base does not need to be pre-cast to any radius. They are sold as straights and only total lineal footage is needed.

  2. If Baseboards are used as Casing the base must be ordered to the radius (like "Casing" section). If base is being used as part of a Crown detail where they lay flat on the ceiling (not on the wall), then information as indicated in "Crown, Build-Up" section C1 or C2 must be provided.


  1. On true half-circles, order by radius (equals ½ of diameter) or by diameter. (Please state “radius” or “diameter” when ordering.)

  2. When ordering arches, please state “span and rise” (ie: 21” span x 6” rise)

  3. Ellipses & Ovals always require a template.


  1. A paper or cardboard template must be provided.

  2. Specify IR (Inside Radius aka: concave) or OR (Outside Radius aka:convex)

  3. We manufacture the FLEX so that the seams are in the middle as shown in the drawing (to the left). This allows for easier installation.

Panel Moulds, Lineal Moulds, Chair Rail

  1. If used horizontally on curved walls, straight lengths will work.

Hints on How to Figure a Radius box with 2 circles. The left circle is titled 'Concave-IR Inside Application, the words inside the circle read 'Provide the length of the board and the rise from the center of the board to the wall. We will calculate the ISR (concave) radius for you!'. Under that is a diagonal hollow line that touches the left and right side of the circle that says 'Length of Board' then there is a double arrow with the word 'Rise' that points to that line and the end of the inside of the circle.  The right circle is titled 'Convex- OR Outside Application, the words inside the circle read 'I you give us length of board and the equal distance from the tip of the board back to the wall, we will calculate your OSR (convex) for you!' and there is a diagonally thin line on the outside of the circle with the words 'Length of Board'

5-Year Warranty

EL & EL Wood Products Corporation warrants that for 5-years ValuFlex™ moulding is free from defects in material and workmanship. Upon proper installation of the moulding, EL & EL Wood Products will repair or replace, at its option, any ValuFlex moulding that has failed as a result of defective material or workmanship, of EL & EL Wood Products. ValuFlex is not warrantied for exterior use. In the event of a claim against this warranty, proof of purchase, with date, will be required to affect such a claim. Installation and finishing cost is not included. No other warranty is expressed or implied.