Craftsman style front porch with Bodyguard Trimboard

The history of Bodyguard® is surprisingly long.

Similar products have been manufactured and supplied into the New Zealand, Australian and European markets for decades. In the USA it is more recent; over ten years ago market analysis by Bodyguard’s manufacturers highlighted a demand for real wood exterior products. A builders’ preference for durable natural wood was not being met by the range of wood products on the market at the time. Cost effective soft-wood species from environmental and sustainable forestry sources failed to provide options for long-term durability; these species could not cope long-term with the effects of exposure to rot, decay and insects – particularly termites. As a consequence, composite products – plastics and ceramic blends – were gaining in market acceptance and position.

And so Bodyguard was offered as a viable alternative and became the first durable pine option presented to the market, backed by a 30-year limited product warranty. The interest and acceptance for this real wood product has certainly proved that the market exists and is excited by this new wood option and product offer.

Bodyguard’s durability comes from its treatment process; a system where the active ingredients are transported into the entire wood piece, under pressure. Like the wood substrate that is used in Bodyguard, the treatment process is also environmentally responsible. The actives are a blend of fungicides, primarily used in food crop protection, and an insecticide common to household sprays and crop usage. [These chemicals, and the constituent carrier, are approved for use by the EPA for this application.]

Further enhancement is provided by the application of two alkyd primer coats offering protection against the elements during the construction process, and ensuring a smooth, paint ready finish.

The result is a product that maintains its appearance and integrity as a uniform and quality building solution. The Bodyguard product range consists of trimboards, sidings and exterior mouldings in a wide range of profiles and choices.

For homeowners and contractors who prefer the naturalness of wood; who value a durable solution; and who appreciate the confidence shown through a warranty position, Bodyguard provides a real wood solution for today’s building challenges.

California Fire Approval

Bodyguard has had profiles successfully tested by Western Fire start Inc., to California State Fire Marshall Regulations.


Tested in accordance with California State Fire Marshall Regulation 12.7A-1. This approval is for horizontal applications only and requires installation over OSB with a minimum thickness of 7/16".

Under Eaves:

Tested in accordance with California State Fire Marshall Regulation 12.7A-3. This approval is for beaded T&G product (801BG & 802BG) and must be mounted over a minimum of 1/2" exterior grade gypsum board.


Benefits At A Glance

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Bodyguard wood products come from the well-managed pine plantation forests in clean, green New Zealand.

30 Year Warranty

A 30-year limited warranty is provided on all Bodyguard products against termite attack, rot or fungal decay.

Easy To Use

No special tools, cutting equipment or fixing methods are required with Bodyguard.

Defect Free

Bodyguard is a natural wood product manufactured from kiln - dried timber. All defects such as knots and resin pockets are removed prior to finger-jointing.

Termite Resistant

One of the active protective ingredients in Bodyguard is Permethrin, a food-crop protection product, effective against all known species of termite.

Green Building Credited

Bodyguard qualifies for credit points under the following schemes: LEED for Homes NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines GreenPoint Rated (California only).


The machined finish of Bodyguard is enhanced by a two-coat alkyd primer system and comes with a performance warranty. A good-quality acrylic paint system applied to the manufacturer’s specification will finish the appearance and protection of Bodyguard perfectly.

Use Inside and Outside

Bodyguard is safe for interior and exterior above ground use. We recommend application of finishing coats as soon as practicable after installation. Make sure your Bodyguard product is dry before painting.


As the protection system's (LOSP’s) do not contain any corrosive heavy metals and will not cause corrosion to nails and other fastening systems. Durable fasteners are recommended as good building practice for exterior applications.


The unique pressure treatment achieves total “active penetration” protection of the wood. The addition of waxes and resins boosts its water protection properties. The active ingredients used in this treatment process (known as Light Organic Solvent-borne Preservatives (LOSP's) do not dissolve in water and will not be removed through leaching.

Environmentally Friendly

The Bodyguard preservative system is based on carbon based biocides and is registered in the United States of America by the EPA. As Bodyguard is real wood and contains no hazardous additives it is safe to work with, just follow normal workplace safety practices for handling wood products.


Bodyguard® is pre-primed (double coated) and the following are recommended for optimum performance:

  • Bodyguard products must be painted as soon as practicable after installation.
  • Bodyguard products must be dry before commencing painting (a moisture content of 14% or less).
  • Apply top coat in warm, dry weather not below 50º F.
  • Painting with solid acrylic stains is not recommended as UV light will penetrate the transparent stain and damage the primer paint.
  • We recommend application of the first top coat prior to installation.
  • We recommend application of the first top coat prior to installation.
Half lite 2 panel Livingston back door of a house with Bodyguard Trimboard
Craftsman style front porch with Bodyguard Trimboard
  1. Nail holes: if nails are countersunk, seal exposed wood with Bodyguard End Seal then fill nail holes with an exterior grade wood filler, then spot prime. In temperatures less than 40° F use cold weather caulking sealants.
  2. Remove all soft and chalky paint, dirt, and sand etc. to a smooth even finish.
  3. Apply two full coats of premium quality exterior acrylic house paint as per manufacturer's instructions. For best results allow 24hrs between coats.
  4. The use of colors with a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 45 or more is recommended, as these lighter colors reflect significantly more heat.
  5. When cutting or re-machining; brush or spray-on a preservative containing zinc naphthen, Bodyguard End Seal is recommended.
  6. Corrosion resistant fasteners such as hot dipped galvanized nails or stainless steel nails must be used when installing.
  7. All nails should be countersunk and puttied prior to paint.

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