Boho Chic

Bohemian style is about creating a space that invites relaxation to anyone who steps foot in your home. Collections of beautiful décors, an abundance of plants, and a surplus of natural elements are just a few of the important aspects of this design.

For the Unconventional

The word ‘Bohemian’ describes a person who is socially unconventional and may be artistic in nature. This definition correlates perfectly to the creativity and unique maximalism of Bohemian design.

Key Elements

Accent Walls

Indulge in creative design with the addition of a patterned accent wall. The possibilities are endless when using S4S to make beautifully designed walls.


The décor is not the only thing that can make a statement in this style. Exterior doors with expressive door glass will welcome you into a home full of life and whimsy. Smooth Interior doors continue the vibrancy indoors with the option to paint them with colors of your liking.


Starting with a simple base allows you to fill your home with lots of expressive colors and patterns without creating a distracting space. Choosing minimal white moulding brings great balance and contrast this style needs to be visually appealing.

The Bohemian Look

Tap into your inner creative and imagine a space that suits your free-flowing style. Showcase your travels or places you wish to visit in the décor you choose to fill your home with. Possibilities are endlessly unique to your vision of Bohemian style.