New Mediterranean

A blend of Spanish and Italian architecture, Mediterranean homes are dominant in warm-weather locations like California, which also has Spanish influences. The Mediterranean style embodies the combination of Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Moroccan styles. This is accomplished by bringing in elements of a Mediterranean villa with natural materials, colors, textured walls, décor, and natural lighting.

Mediterranean style home with 2 bamboo beach chairs with a round woven bamboo mini table between them next to a pool on the right and a blue full lite Belville door

Your Coastal Paradise

Bring the vacation back home by incorporating the feel of bright sunny days and calming cool nights on the beach. Fill your space with décor that makes you reminisce about your travels and highlights your favorite elements.

Key Elements


Exposed wood grained beams spew a Southern European feel while adding a natural touch. These ceiling accents add the sense of nature this design thrives on.


Walk into a space that greets you with a wooden exterior door that lets the light shine in. Arched topped wood Interior doors work great with this style’s signature archways.


Create contrast by using white moulding to balance out the natural elements showcased with tan and brown colors. Crisp lines will bring in a modern touch that reimagines this style.

Mediterranean style home with a stone pathway and lots of greenery, 1 full lite white exterior door on the left side for a restroom, an 8 panel wood grained exterior door for the main entrance in the middle, and full lite white double doors tp the right leading to the dining room

Mediterranean Style

Every day is a vacation when it comes to the luxurious simplicity of the Mediterranean style. Create the getaway you deserve right in your own home.