Create a rustic accent for your home or barn-style patio with Pakari Barnwood from EL & EL Wood Products.

Appearance & Maintenance

The thermal modification process increases the wood's durability, but to keep Pakari siding and barnwood in optimal condition we recommended that it is given the same care and maintenance as other unmodified wood products. Shrinking and swelling has been decreased in Pakari, but it's still wood, and will still move slightly, creating a true rustic look.

Color & Care

The thermal modification process turns the wood a rich chocolate brown color that is normally only seen in exotic hardwoods, if left untreated under direct sunlight Pakari will eventually weather to a natural silver patina. In order to keep Pakari at its original chocolate brown color, it is necessary to coat it with UV protectors.

Using Pakari

Pakari siding and barnwood is not intended to be used for structural applications, such as joists, beams, support posts, columns or other load-bearing applications. Any structures built with Pakari must be supported by use of code-compliant material. Pakari is not intended to have direct ground contact. We recommend all Pakari products be installed at least 12–18" above ground.