The Rustic Cabin

Rustic Cabin homes have a woodsy vibe and rustic simplicity. They boast cozy features like a fireplace and are inviting to all who visit. Wood elements are the most prominent and the simplicity that comes with the style is noticeable in a good way. Step into nature with the practical yet inviting design of Rustic Cabin. Bring home the cozy cabin in the woods by celebrating the existing beauty of your home’s natural elements and perfectly imperfect quirks as well as add in new natural elements that are unexpected.

Triangular shaped cabin with a half lite 2 panel door in the woods

Make the Space Your Own

Rustic style is all about showcasing natural materials in a fuss-free way. Making the most out of your space ensures practicality and functionality, which is apparent in this design.

Key Elements


Wood is one of the primary natural materials used for this design. Pakari wood paneling brings a bit of luxury to the space and will be reminiscent of a log cabin.


The choice of doors is just as important as the décor in this space, especially ones that complement the feel of your cabin. Wood grained Interior and Exterior doors in a Rustic Cabin continues to showcase the use of natural materials.

Moulding & Beams

Rustic Cabin thrives on adding reclaimed wood giving the feeling that it was taken straight from the outdoors. Choosing a primed moulding further accentuates your wooden accents with this idea of outdoor to family home.

Mirror view of a front corner of side of a bed with a lamp and night stand to its right

Your Cozy Dwelling

No need to travel far and wide when you can re-envision your space into a Rustic Cabin. Sit back and enjoy the calming forest feel in the comfort of your own home.