Keep it Classic: Traditional

If you’re looking for a style that embodies several eras and design styles, Traditional is just for you. This timeless style exudes elegance, luxury, and comfort all at the same time. Evolving new trends keep this style up to date. The versatility of this design allows you to go above and beyond in elegance or tone it down to feel more comfortable.

Craftsman style living room with a couch and wooden book shelf to the left, a glass coffee table, and a stone and wood fireplace to the right

European Influence

This design highlights 18th and 19th century Europe’s sophistication in décor while embracing modern elements. Bringing in design elements that are rich in history like antiques and original art pieces showcase the sense of harmony, order, and famous charm Traditional style holds.

Key Elements


Nothing makes you more at home than a wonderfully made mantel fireplace. Select mantels that will compliment your vision of luxury or comfort, we have both that fit a Traditional design.


Lock in this look with a perfectly chosen doors. French Interior doors that let the light pass through as well as wood grained Exterior doors with a few panels support the comfortable elegance throughout the house.


The opportunities are vast when choosing to go extravagant or clean and comfortable. Lots of layering is encouraged for each type of moulding.

Craftsman style kitchen with white drawers and cabinets, white center island countertop with 4 dark metal stools, grey countertops flush with the wall and appliances, 2 geometric lights over the island, polyurethane beams on the ceiling, and a barn door on black tracks

Keep It Classic

The word “traditional” can have many meanings, however the synonyms ‘common’ and ‘normal’ do not correlate with this style. The Traditional design is a classic style because it’s known for different levels of elegance, which deserve to be celebrated in your home.