The Art Deco

Art Deco is a style of drawing, that relies on bold designs, clear lines, vibrant colors and patterns. Therefore, an Art Deco home is characterized by intense rich colors, bold geometric shapes, and decadent details.

When you think of the roaring ‘20s or ‘30s movie-star glam, Art Deco is the style that comes to mind. It exudes an image of glamour, luxury, modernism and style. If you are looking for a design that will enhance and embellish simple objects in your home, then you are in the right place. This deep blue living room allows for the Art Deco style to truly pop. The geometric patterns with the wainscoting to the straight lines on the crown moulding truly bring this look together.

White art deco style living room

Art Deco Style

This living room is the epitome of Art Deco Style. Geometric patterns along with the large chandelier and gold accents bring the room to life. One main element are the doors. They provide a sleek interior look and maintain the modern feel throughout the home.

Key Elements


The moulding for an Art Deco style is typically white. This enhances the pops of color that are throughout the rest of the design. It also enhances the geometric shapes by adding straight lines and curves.


Doorways are sometimes surrounded with elaborate pilasters and pediments, and the door is normally surrounded by embellishments. Although doors may seem simpler than the bolder designs in the room, the door can add subtle geometry to any doorway.


Although wainscoting is also a type of moulding, it deserves to be highlighted. Many Art Deco homes accentuate rooms with it to add more geometric patterns and enhance the design elements in the home. Wainscoting also encourages the symmetry within a room.

Art Deco style living room with a moulded panel series Melrose door

Clean geometric

Art Deco is all about clean geometric shapes and adding in modern elements. This moulded panel series Melrose door is the perfect integration of modern that this design was looking for.