Thinking about a Colonial Revival styled home?

If so, you are considering the single most popular architectural style in the United States. It is a mixture of styles that are all uniquely American. Colonial Revival tends to have a notably decorative entrance, which you can see above. The Colonial Revival style is a classic, understated, stately and distinguished design.

Colonial Revival was inspired by a romantic adoration of the early American past, which brings traditional values and aesthetics to a contemporary, or present-day, life. Think of it as more of a preservation of the spirit of the past, rather than a historical accuracy.

Colonial Revival style bathroom with marble backsplash and white crown moulding, clear glass shower to the left, white tub in front of shower, and double sink vanity to the right

Crown your look

You can revamp any room, including your bathroom, by adding in the crown molding to tie it all together. You may notice that most of the Colonial Revival molding is white, that is on target for this style. The white creates a clean and elegant look. For a look like this, check out the key elements below.

Key Elements


The moulding within these types of homes tend to have more curves and less of the harsh lines. Most traditional designs contain the basic moldings throughout the home: includes crown, base, wainscoting (or wall paneling), and chair rail. It’s the best way to add the traditional design back into the home in a more contemporary way.


Doors are an equally important element. Whether interior or exterior, they can bring the whole design together and allow for your space to feel clean and put together. Traditionally, the Colonial Revival homes have white interior doors and white or dark colored exterior doors.


Many of these types of homes have mantels, as this is part of the traditional style. It’s easy to revamp the mantel into a more modern twist on the traditional design. It still incorporates that clean and simple feel, while adding that white accent back into your living room.

Colonial Revival style home exterior

Colonial Revival

Notice that this home’s exterior has a symmetrical style. The columns are even, along with the amount of windows and the entry door sits in the middle. It is clean, yet decorative at the front.

You will also notice that there is siding on this home as well, that was a common addition to the Colonial Revival style.

Typically there will also be a porch in this type of design, as they are a traditional element in a home.