The Contemporary Style

Contemporary designs feature more state-of-the-art materials like glass and metals. Glass, Steel, Porcelain and concrete tend to be popular with this design. This style is not designed to overwhelm your senses, but rather includes basic and essential elements instead. Something to keep in mind is that Contemporary designs have neutral palettes, stark minimalism, clean lines or curves, and organic silhouettes.

Contemporary style is also constantly evolving to reflect the popular styles of the present. It essentially borrows qualities from other styles without a focus on any of them. The goal is to create a harmony with each room. Large windows are especially popular and open the space more. And white walls and monochromatic furniture tend to be popular with the Contemporary style.

Contemporary style kitchen

Contemporary Space

With an open feel, each space flows from one area to another fluidly. Also, take notice on the many different styles that are represented here. From the barn door hardware to the Vistagrande door, contemporary truly gives the feel of a current trendy home. The open space will allow everyone to be present in any activities that are going on. For a look like this, check out the key elements below.

Key Elements


Trending with the Contemporary look is sleek white moulding. This style makes everything fluid, clean, and minimalistic. The moulding can enhance the harmony that is felt in each room. You may notice that much of the moulding has a simplistic style that does not have intricate detail, but rather smooth and clean lines.


Doors in this style tend to lean towards the moulding profile. It’s minimalistic details to clean lines keep it simple and allow a Contemporary space to flow. Pairing the sleek moulding with a sleek door continue the look that you are seeking.

Your look

Often people confuse modern and contemporary. The biggest different you’ll notice is that the modern style is from a certain period, mid-20th century, while the Contemporary style is a constantly changing style that adapts to the newest trends and designs.

Contemporary style living room with 2 moulded panel West End Collection Berkley interior doors on a track on each side of an entertainment center, one black sofa on the left and one on the right, a rectangle black shag rug and rectangle white coffee table in between the sofas, and a wall of windows with a water view and 2 big potted plants to the right

Reflect Contemporary

The Berkley doors bring in the epitomy of Contemporary with straight lines and clean appearances. Also, note that the barn door hardware keeps the notion of evolution to reflect popular styles of the present.