The Modern Craftsman

Do you want a home where you can tell its style from the first glance? Then the Craftsman style is one for you. It is a style that derived from the Arts & Crafts Movement. Instead of opting for a home that looks mass-produced, this style allows for a handcrafted and unique look. It celebrates the idea of using local, natural materials and clean lines to create custom finishes that even the “common man” could afford. This style represents the working man or woman. The functionality of this home doubles as a sense of charm. Some of the aesthetics that bring this home together include low-pitched rooflines, usually in a triangular style, a covered front porch, pillars lining the entry, and double hanging windows.

Craftsman style living room with a couch and wooden book shelf to the left, a glass coffee table, and a stone and wood fireplace to the right


This Craftsman style living room is the perfect mixture of textures. The brick and wood mix together to create a crafted stone and woodwork look. However, you will notice that the interior of the Craftsman style house uses cased openings to define different spaces, giving each room a sense of purpose. For a look like this, check out the key elements below.

Key Elements


The heart of any Craftsman house is the fireplace. Typically, this will be centered on the wall with built-in bookcases or windows surrounding it. However, you’ll notice here they decided to have art placed around instead. It truly becomes the focal point in your home.


Doors in this style tend to lean towards having glass in the upper third with a thick or ornate piece of trim immediately below it. Although the glass inserts are typically rectangular, the number of panes differs based on preference.


Thick crown mouldings are a staple in the Craftsman design. The thick crown moulding and base moulding make the space feel custom and inviting. The dining room is typically dressed up with wainscoting details. This detail brings in wood elements to your space and can be fashioned in a unique way to fit your style and preference.

Craftsman style kitchen with white drawers and cabinets, white center island countertop with 4 dark metal stools, grey countertops flush with the wall and appliances, 2 geometric lights over the island, polyurethane beams on the ceiling, and a barn door on black tracks

Craftsman home

The barn door is also a great addition to a craftsman home.It gives the added element of mixing textures with the metal barn door hardware and the wood from a door. In this image it is a Winslow door being hung with Barn Door Hardware Sets in Black.

Also, note the Polyurethane beams. Typically these will be found in a craftsman home as an added crafting design.