Door Glass choices

EL & EL offers a variety of glass options in both Flush-Glazed and Standard Lite Kit Inserts. Obscurity levels range from glass that lets in plenty of light and visibility to options that keep your privacy their top concern. Giving you complete control of the customization of your entry door. The first and biggest decision being "Do I want Flush-Glazed glass or a lite kit insert?"

VistaGrande (Flush-Glazed) Profile

  • Glass Permanently installed
  • A limited selection of glass styles available
  • Add SDL Bars - for more style options
  • Non-Replaceable - When Glass is cracked or broken entire door panel must be replaced
  • Clean Flush Look

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Standard Lite Kit Insert Profile

  • Glass installed into multi part Lite Kit
  • A large variety of glass styles available
  • Replaceable - Broken Lite Kits can be simply unscrewed or unclipped and replaced with a new unit.

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