The Greek Revival

With Greek Revival, think grand ancient Greek white marble and impressive buildings, with a modern-day twist. Usually in this style, elements of the home are painted white to resemble the white marble that encased expensive buildings in Greece. You will notice that many homes will have bold details, yet keep their simplicity.

Lots of wonderful features are included in Greek Revival like pediments, which is an exterior architectural element that is usually in a triangular shape and supported by columns, big shutters on the exterior of the home, and often columns will be in play. Normally there is a portico, which is a covered porch which can either just cover the entry, or the entire front of the building.

Greek Revival style living area with 2 panel white double doors leading to the bedroom

Greek Revival style

This elegant living room and bedroom space truly fit the Greek Revival style. The marble look is all over with the clean white walls and with simple, yet extravagant moulding. You will also notice in this style that the design reflects the symmetry of ancient Greek and can often resemble Greek temples. For a look like this, check out the key elements below.

Key Elements


Much of the moulding is rather large with detail, yet it is still incredibly simple. Notice that the moulding is also typically white and prominent.

Greek style moulding in a home hallway


Doors are an equally important element. Whether interior or exterior, they can bring the whole design together and allow for your space to feel clean and put together. Traditionally, the Colonial Revival homes have white interior doors and white or dark colored exterior doors.

Greek style doors (left to right) moulded panel arch top 2 panel door, Douglas fir vertical grain traditional standard 8 panel door, moulded panel Heritage Logan 2 square panel door


Many Greek Revival homes tend to have round, square, or octagonal pilasters, which give the appearance of a supporting column, but only having decorative function. When there are columns in place, they make a bold statement.

Greek Revival home with round columns
Greek style kitchen and dining area with dentil crown moulding

Dentil Crown Moudling

Notice the Dentil Crown Moudling that is on display. It is a classic greek addition to have the dentil detail in the moulding. Interestingly, this is a detail where the norm is to have an excess amount used. There are often signifcant door casings, as you can see here.