The Modern Farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse design takes the comfortable, relaxed feeling from the classic farmhouse style and adds a modern twist of smooth lines, glossy accents and a neutral color scheme. The rustic charm is still present. however, it adds a more sophisticated and contemporary design by incorporating stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops and sleek lighting. Think cozy yet clutter free.

Mainly, with Modern Farmhouse, you would be mixing and matching vintage with new. This allows for the authenticity of Farmhouse style to be present, but the new furniture adds comfort and style into the mix. There is also the mix and match of natural elements, for instance wood and stainless steel.

3 children standing on a wooden countertop grabbing ingredients from a Majestic Mantel top shelf in a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Crown your look

Whether it is just you or you have a family, this style suits the practical element you are shooting for. The farmhouse look is all about comfort and should invite you to sit down and relax, nothing should look as if it’s too delicate to touch. Mixing industrial-style metal objects, like lighting fixtures and furniture, you can get that sleek and minimalistic look and feel you desire. For a look like this, check out the key elements below.

Key Elements


You may or may not have noticed, but in the image above, the kids are getting something off a shelf, or is it? Actually, these are Majestic Mantels that are being repurposed. They bring in an added element of the classic farmhouse design and allow for practicality.


Interior doors in a Modern Farmhouse lean on the wooden look, think Barn Doors. However, if you’re hoping to blend in a more modern feel for your doors, you can also add in a door like the Winslow to add a pop of white.


The moulding in a Modern Farmhouse adds the wood elements you are seeking. This brings the fundamental design of the farmhouse into the picture in a noticeable way. However, you’ll notice that in newer modern farmhouse styles, the moulding tends to be white to make it a more sleek style.

A white mudroom in a modern farmhouse style home with a VistaGrande full lite green door

Rugged Charmer

This is a white mudroom in a modern farmhouse style home with a VistaGrande full lite green door. Note the wainscoting on the walls and the casing around the door match the sleek and minimalistic look.