The Modern Minimalist

Scandinavian design is marked by a focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. It also focuses on natural elements an thrives on simplicity. This design focuses on functionality and simplicity. Since the 1950s, it has continued to be a home design staple. This style is often influenced by nature using a neutral color palette with natural pops of color, decorating with indoor plants and fresh flowers as well as letting lots of natural light into the space.

Scandinavian style living with a 3 cushion brown sofa flush with the left wall, circular glass coffee table on top of a grey rectangle rug in the middle, one cushion white leather sofa to the right, a tall plant to the right of that along with 2 white and black geometric pattern chairs

Keep it Functional

This style needs to be kept simple for it to be functional. Creating a space with items that have a purpose, whether a physical function or if the piece simply brings you happiness, can solidify the functionality of any room.

Key Elements

Beam Mantel

Functionality can mean finding multiple ways to use the same item. Polyurethane beams can be ceiling accents, shelves, and mantels. This wood element will fit seamlessly into this design.


Nothing says “Welcome Home” more than a simple light wood or white Exterior door. By adding in a glass insert you allow more natural light to fill the home, which is a key element to the Scandinavian style. Using white and light wood interior doors will continue the simple natural feel of your Scandinavian space.


Stay true to simplicity by choosing sleek white moulding. Keep your moulding as a beautiful add on where space allows and remember less is more with this style.

Minimalistic white kitchen with white panel cupboards, white countertops and an island with the sink built in

Minimalistic Home

Predominantly, Scandinavian style has the “less is more” mantra written all over it. Keeping the decorative elements simple and the space clutter-free will speak those words into existence.

It is impossible to deny the calm and simple beauty when confronted with a minimalist interior.