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Classics Series Fire Rated 2 Panel Arch Top Woodgrain Textured Door

Moulded Panel

In-Stock: SoCal | NorCal

Product #20ATT

Categories: Doors | Interior | Arch Top | Classics Series | Interior Textured | 20-Minute | Solid Core | 2-Panel


Elegant I Traditional I Timeless
Our dedication to superior craftsmanship allows us to deliver unsurpassed quality and value in interior doors. We offer a comprehensive selection of door styles-all crafted with exacting attention to detail.
For 90 years, Masonite has been committed to creating quality products that enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

1" solid core finger joint stile, book edge 2" fiber 20 Minute Fire Rated Ink stamped

Item (W) (H) (T)
20ATT-216 2/10 6/8 1-34"
20ATT-266 2/6 6/8 1-34"
20ATT-286 2/8 6/8 1-34"
20ATT-306 3/0 6/8 1-34"




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