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Primed MDF Barn Door


In-Stock: SoCal | NorCal

Product #BDPR181PLK

Categories: Doors | Barn Door | Premium Barn Doors


Why Choose EL&EL Wood Products
Premium Barn Doors?

Each EL&EL Wood Products barn door is built with authentic stile and rail construction by hand. Our barn doors are built
solid and authentic, putting them in a league of their own.

Full Sized Mulls
Our barn doors have center/cross mulls that are full thickness making sure that the stile meets flush at the stile and rail joints for a truly custom finish.

Deeper V-Grooves
Our V-Grooves are deeper than the other options. This was decided when designing the doors to accentuate the plank style and create the authentic design that our customers crave.

Separate Panels
Distinct ¾" edge glued panels. Creates a door that is timeless and beautiful. Time Proven Beauty, Created with the care and quality craftsmanship to match their amazing looks, our barn doors are here to stay.

FJ pine stiles and rails 1 3/8 thick and ¼ V Groove

Item (W) (H) (T)
BDPR181PLK-267 2/6 7/0 1-38"
BDPR181PLK-268 2/6 8/0 1-38"
BDPR181PLK-307 3/0 7/0 1-38"
BDPR181PLK-308 3/0 8/0 1-38"
BDPR181PLK-367 3/6 7/0 1-38"
BDPR181PLK-368 3/6 8/0 1-38"



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