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Flat 1 Panel BiFold Door with Ovolo Sticking

Doug Fir Vertical Grain

In-Stock: SoCal | NorCal

Product #FOFP1BI

Categories: Doors | Bi-Fold | Craftsman | Shaker Series | Flat Panel | Non-Fire Rated | 1-Panel | Ovolo Sticking


Shaker doors add clean modern lines to the inset panel of a door giving it a simple uncluttered style for housing decor ranging from rustic to craftsman

Traditional Craftsman Style Vertical Grain with Ovolo Sticking with Track and Hardware

Item (W) (H) (T)
FOFP1BI-206 2/0 6/8 1-38"
FOFP1BI-266 2/6 6/8 1-38"
FOFP1BI-306 3/0 6/8 1-38"




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