Shopping for Moulding? EL & EL can help facilitate your selection and enhance your home.

Choosing the right moulding can be difficult. We are here to provide you the space to be free to create with ease. Use this guide to help you understand the purpose of each moulding type, how much is necessary for the job, and what species is preferred depending on your environment and budget. Explore which moulding category will lead you toward finishing your space.

How much moulding do you need?

Step 1: Your first step towards buying moulding consist of making a floor plan. During this step you will need to measure every wall, make note of any doors or windows, and indicate the angle of every corner. Now that you have your measurements, you will than add up all of the lengths plus 15% for any mistakes during the cutting process.

Measure Guide

Select by species

Step 2: in order to understand what you will be purchasing, you must determine what wood species best fits your style and budget.

Available Species : Pine Primed FJ, MDF Ultralight, Poplar, Oak, Pine Solid, Pine FJ Alder Superior, MDF, and Poly Fiber

Wood Species

Select by category

Step 3: Choose which type of category is going to enhance your home and bring your space to life. During this step you will select which moulding will enhance your walls, windows, and ceilings.

Category Guide

Additional Moulding Collections

Browse through the variety of additional Moulding styles and species we offer. You can choose from nearly endless options.

What material of moulding is right for you?

Selecting the right species of moulding is one of the the most challenging and creative parts of finishing your space. With so many choices you can craft your vision into reality and fit any architectural challenge.

Get creative with any of the following options.

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